New Somerville NJ

Somerville NJ

I have been in Somerville ad stay for a month. I am a foreigner having my tourist vacation in Somerville. I originally came from England and decided to travel the world. I have been to other cities in the United States also. The things I love about Somerville are its diverse community. Though it’s different, it’s safer than other places. It is healthy to walk around in the city. The location is vibrant and clean. There are plenty of events to attend to and plenty of stuff to do. Guess what? In my month of stay, I never feel bored or threatened. It’s an excellent experience that’s why I can create plenty of fantastic memories.

Minuteman Press

I have been partnering with Minuteman Press for two years, and I have no regrets. Among the products I ordered from them in the past are flyers and brochures. Take note; this is not only a hundred copy. It’s thousands of copies for large business enterprises. I am happy to tell you honestly that I am one of their biggest clients, and I don’t get tired of their service. In fact, Minuteman Press is the designer and printing press I considered to be the best. Every new order is a design well-thought and well-crafted. I guarantee excellent products or outputs; on time services; and competitive prices.

NJ football: Week 6 Media Blitz coverage of Mid-State, GMC action

For insight and analysis into this week’s contests, check out picks columns from Courier News beat writer Simeon Pincus on the Mid-State Conference and Tufaro on the Greater Middlesex Conference. Also, check out our latest Top 10 rankings for the Greater Middlesex Conference and Courier News area, as well as how New Jersey's top football recruits fared in Week 5. Follow Greater Middlesex Conference beat writer Tufaro (@GregTufaro), Mid-State Conference beat writer Pincus (@SimeonPincus) and analyst Marcus Borden (@bordenfb4ever) on Twitter for links to stories and in-game highlights Read more here
I always read the news about sports at My Central Jersey. Today’s latest update is about “NJ football: Week 6 Media Blitz coverage of Mid-State, GMC action. I like the fact that My Central Jersey covers the entire high school football of the GMC or the Middlesex Conference as well as the Mid-State Conference which is now on its Week 6 Media Blitz. Knowing the full schedule of the game after this post informs me of the time and day that I should be around to watch. I also like the fact that they have an updated page of this event. Overall, this local news of My Central Jersey is helping out a lot.

Children's Museum in Somerville NJ

Once a week, I take my baby in a children’s place. Last week, our destination was the Children’s Museum in Somerville, New Jersey. The museum is nice. You can bring your kids here regardless of any season. Whether it’s snowy or a rainy day, or a summer day, it’s perfect for your kids. My son is a toddler. He enjoys seeing crafts and the play areas in the museum. The staff in the Children’s Museum is friendly. I think they should be. My toddler has been enjoying a lot in this museum. I’m sure he’ll ask me to go back here pretty soon.

Link to map

Driving Direction
6 min (2.3 miles)
via NJ-28 W
Best route
Children's Museum
120 Finderne Ave # 113, Bridgewater, NJ 08807, USA

Head north toward Finderne Ave
141 ft

Turn left toward Finderne Ave
82 ft

Turn right onto Finderne Ave
285 ft

Turn left onto NJ-28 W/Union Ave
1.4 mi

Turn left onto N Gaston Ave
0.4 mi

Turn right onto E Main St
0.4 mi

Minuteman Press
"4 East Main Street,
Somerville NJ 08876"